Why Seven Deuce is the worst hand in poker

When you get dealt Seven Deuce there is only one real thought process – FOLD. Yes, even if it is soooted!

The reason why 7-2 is so weak is because you have no draws. There is no straight draw (apart from a 1 card draw), and even if you pick up a flush draw it is seven high, which gives you no confidence that the hand will actually stand up.

The only flop that you are looking to hit is 772 or 722 and the odds of this occuring are about 0.092%. So as you can see this is a losing proposition.

The only time that playing 72 is really an option (and even this is dubious) is during a poker tournament if you have very few chips left – less than 10 big blinds and you can play the pot heads up versus a player you suspect to have a playable hand but not a pair.

For example if someone makes a raise with what you suspect to be AK or AQ and you call with 72 you are only a 2-1 underdog. Your odds of winning are 34.61%, 0.51% to tie, making your equity in the pot 34.86%.

However, playing seven-deuce should be a last resort if you are to be a winning poker player.

72 or Seven Deuce is also known as the Beer Hand (because 72 offsuit is the worst possible starting hand in hold’em you would have to be drunk to play this hand and will probably be buying the beers once you’ve played the hand!)

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