Reefer Poker Smoke the opposition

Reefer Poker
Reefer Poker is a new poker room that are offering a 100% first time deposit bonus up to $500. You can now play poker with your favourite dealer, smoke the opposition from inside your own home and not get arrested! Reefer Poker also accepts US players.

Reefer Poker Review
Seven-Deuce recently downloaded Reefer Poker to try out the software. We played a small stakes cash game with some free money that we acquired from the poker room.

Looking at the cash tables in the lobby, it looked fairly busy there were games available at pretty much all stakes you could think of, whether you are a high roller or a beginner at online poker.

As usual there are 6 seater tables and full ring games to choose from (10 seater tables). If you click on the image below it will enlarge and you can view how the lobby looks at Reefer Poker.

Once you sit down at your chosen poker table there are a few nice options. You can choose how the table is presented to you. If you want the middle seat at the bottom of the table like in the image, then you can easily select this.

You can sit one seat to the left or the right or anywhere on the table you like, you choose where and then one hand later the table moves around so you are in your chosen seating position. Not all poker sites do this.

Once sitting at the table everything very clear and easy to read. If you look closely at the image above you will see that there are small paper clips on each player, I added these as notes, just noting the stakes people where playing at so if I see them again at a different level I will know they have moved up through the stakes.

The paperclip picture is the default image when you make a note on a player, but there are other images available like sharks, fish, rocks etc to suit making easy notes. (If you look at the table image below you will see the fish icon on a player called GuyRichard.

We only played a bit of cash and a small stakes buy in tournament. However, from playing for about 2 hours we got the feel of the software and overall it was quite nice.

The gameplay was pretty quick, we didn’t notice any lag, but we did spot quite a few bad poker players!

One really nice feature that Reefer Poker has is it’s hand history – as shown above. Unlike some poker sites where the hand history is text only and you have to scroll up and down to view what just happened, Reefer Poker’s hand history is in a graphical format.

This makes things a lot easier especially if you are multi-tabling on between 4 and 12 tables!

An interesting feature that is also included on the Reefer Poker software is the chance to Rabbit hunt. Personally I am not a fan of this feature, but I know a lot of poker players that do like to do this.

To “rabit hunt” means to ask the dealer to expose the cards that would have come if the player decided to continue in the hand. Usually players want to see if they would have hit their hand. Rabbit hunting is generally frowned upon when playing poker though.