Poker Players Embrace Online Bingo

Online gaming has taken off so much in recent years that there are many more forms of betting to choose from now. Poker players generally tend to stick to what they know and love best, that is, playing poker. But there is a new game in town that is causing quite a stir: online bingo!

Bingo has become such an important feature of online gaming that it now ranks as the UK’s number one favourite gaming entertainment. Of course the worlds of poker and bingo are very different.

One tends to be quite a serious business whereas the other tends to be more light-hearted. This more casual approach is what is attracting poker players to try bingo for a change – the fun and carefree attitude they can embrace as a change from the poker tables.

Also similar in their fun and light ethos, bingo sites can vary considerably in their approach and theme.

The theme of the sites can alter the mood so it is important for poker players to think what sort of experience they want to have in their bingo games. A good way to decide if the bingo site you are interested in is right for you is to check out some bingo reviews.

One popular site around at the moment is Costa Bingo. This site has a Costa del Sol theme and is perfect for those wanting to escape the more serious nature of poker and enter into the fun and relaxed world of online bingo. Costa has 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games – the two most popular bingo game varieties.

There are also a host of great jackpots as well as bonuses for new and existing players. New players receive a 200% welcome bonus on top of their first deposit and current players can also claim 50% extra free on each top up.

These kind of generous bonuses are what make bingo sites so exciting these days! It is the bonuses and promotions available at online bingo sites that draw in the new players and encourage poker players to swap their cards for numbers and balls! This along with the sunny outlook always present at bingo sites.

This happy and friendly element to online bingo is most noticeable in the great friendly chat between roomies and chat hosts and the chat games that online bingo sites all offer.

These chat games usually take the form of mini quizzes where bingo players answer simply questions in the chat box – often the games are linked to the bingo game currently in action.

Costa Bingo is particularly inviting to poker players due to the great number of jackpots available – reminding them perhaps of their previous huge pot wins in no-limit cash games! More than anything else, poker players are enjoying themselves at online bingo sites due to the break it gives them from making the decisions that can be so stressful in poker games.

It is no wonder that poker players are discovering the fun of the bingo rooms – sites like Costa Bingo are offering hot bingo action, huge jackpots, generous bonuses and loads of fantastic promotions all year round – with the emphasis on fun!