How to Win at Slots Games

Slot machines can be considered as the flag bearers of casinos, whether online or real casinos. These slot machines are actually invented in 1897 by Charles Fey. These were installed in bars and saloons, and the first ‘winnings’ were cigars but it was Fey who first paid out in coins.

The machine consisted of three reels and ten symbols, some of the symbols were spades, hearts and horseshoe, but the most coveted were bells. The bells are the ‘winning’ signals. This was also known back then as Liberty Bell.

The slot machines spread across United States, even if it is illegal in some states. In 1940, Bugsy Siega installed the machines in his Flamingo casino to function as diversions for women accompanying men in casinos. Today, casinos’ profits are almost 70 per cent from the slot machines.

There are now several variations of slot machines, there are small jackpot machines, progressive slots, and there are also slots that offer other bonuses.

Slot games are still games of luck, there is always a fifty-fifty chance of winning. However, there are a few tips that can help you get some of the money back you lose from the slots.

Some of these techniques includes:

  1. Finding the slot machine that has the highest payout. Since a slot machine is a game of chance, it would be better to take a change to that which will return more.
  2. Highest paying slot machines are usually the ones that are overly popular especially for the locals.
  3. Play also in progressive jackpot, this is when the machine gives a share of all the coins or profits it has gained.
  4. This is usually a hefty amount so be sure to have your bags ready.
  5. Playing in just one or maybe two machines.
  6. Since the machine is computer controlled, staying in the same machine usually adds up the changes of winning.
  7. Study the pay table, just like in any game, to win at slots games should include what your goal should be.
  8. If there are more combinations that pay smaller winnings, this increases the chance of winning altogether however small.
  9. There are also some casinos that have player’s card, this helps in earning points, thus, getting back a portion of what you lose.

Remember always that slot machine is also a gamble, so make sure that you know when to stop and play again another day.