Free Poker Software

Seven-Deuce have teamed up with various poker software producers to offer you FREE poker software to help your game and hopefully help your poker profitability.

Texas Calculatem
Texas Calculatem™ is the #1 selling poker odds calculator and you can get it for free.

Over 30,000 poker players know first-hand what Texas Calculatem reads your cards and your opponent’s moves while you play, you get:
Instant poker odds
Know the exact odds of success and the mathematically favored move at every step in every hand
Winning advice

The best advice for every situation, thanks to complex algorithms that take into account multiple game variables – including cards, position, fold depth and playing style

Constant Edge over Your Opponents
Knowing the right move instantly, you’ll steal more pots, eliminate tells and always be a step ahead of your competition
Advice Tailored to Your Playing Style

Want to play tight pre-flop and aggressive post-flop? Set up Texas Calculatem™ exactly to your preferred style and adjust easily as the game develops
100+ Poker Rooms Supported
Sit & Go Shark

Sit & Go Shark is a sophisticated software tool that virtually guarantees you instant success at online Sit and Go tournaments.

Sit And Go Shark is an “advice engine”. The software simply attaches to your online poker game, watches what happens, and then gives you step-by-step customized advice in every situation.

Sit and Go Shark uses 7 key areas of poker. These areas are called “Critical Success Factors”, because each of them is crucial for winning online tournaments. If you’re missing even just one of these factors, your game will suffer tremendously. And you’ll probably fail.

These 7 key items are:
Your Cards
Table Momentum
Betting Patterns
Pot Odds
Number Of Players
Stack Sizes And Blinds
You can buy Sit and Go Shark for $49.95 or you can get it for free here.

Sit & Go Shark works with the following poker rooms:
Party Poker
Empire Poker
Hollywood Poker
Betsson Poker
bwin Poker
Red Kings Poker